I have come across a lot of videos comparing these two styles of training, now in young athletes all the way through I believe that there should be no debate on which one is better than the other or use one not the other!!!

I strongly stand on that they go hand in hand & here is why, the goal of plyometric training is to maximize muscle fiber contractions rapidly, which results in your fast-twitch muscle fibers being utilized as you perform each exercise, they are responsible for generating explosive speed and explosive power. Working these fibers will therefore allow you to run faster for short durations of time for example, when sprinting, and to jump higher. While weightlifting when done correctly can prevent injuries by strengthening the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, which can protect the joints and improve the alignment of the body.

These are just two aspects of these types of trainings to help improve athletic performance there is a whole list of how these two styles of training help propel athletes to having better performance & less chance of injury!!

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