So  many people over complicate how to approach fitness and what is actually important so let’s simplify!!!!

At the top of the pyramid is rest, so many different studies are based around how much sleep we are supposed to have but from my own experience 6-8 hours of sleep allows me to stay fresh and allows me to recover quicker. How does sleep help? when we are asleep our brain is not as active as it usually is when we are awake so the blood supply naturally goes to your muscles and redirects more oxygen to your muscles and that produces healing and growth.

In the middle is exercise, now yes exercise is one of the best ways to get the results you are looking for either for strength, weight loss or cardiovascular fitness. But if you are just starting out exercise can be as simple as doing steady state cardio like doing things around the house and staying on your feet, you can also simply just go for walks out in the sun get yourself some Vitamin D. These are easy ways to get you moving and then can look at the other options.

At the bottom but the most important part of this pyramid is nutrition, it is not as simple as just having some fruit and vegetables and everything will work out. The best way to get the most out of your nutrition is to understand what your putting in your body, so by counting calories and keeping track of your macros you can do this through My fitness Pal and just to start don’t change anything and see how many calories you are eating. Once you understand what areas you may be over or under eating you can adjust your diet and find ways that still allow you to have delicious food but have better nutritional value.

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