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23 01, 2024

Weight Lifting Vs Plyometrics


I have come across a lot of videos comparing these two styles of training, now in young athletes all the way through I believe that there should be no debate on which one is better than the other or use one not the other!!! I strongly stand on that [...]

Weight Lifting Vs Plyometrics2024-01-23T04:32:51+00:00
6 02, 2023

Plyometric Home Circuit!!!!


Wanting to add explosiveness to your sport? This is perfect for you!! No equipment needed except for a skipping rope, the only limitations is how far you can push yourself. How Does Plyometric Training Help? It helps enhance muscle development, speed agility and endurance. It makes the most of [...]

Plyometric Home Circuit!!!!2023-02-06T07:46:45+00:00
21 01, 2023

Harfordfit Bootcamp Classes Bargara


Harfordfit 45 minute Beach BootCamp Classes are here!!!! Starting on Tuesday 31st of January at 6:00am!!! From then on it will be every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:00am!!! Where: - Neilson’s Park Beach, SchuhCraft Dr, Bargara What can you expect: - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - Body [...]

Harfordfit Bootcamp Classes Bargara2023-01-21T00:30:28+00:00
11 01, 2023

Gym Officially Open!!


It is official!!!!! Harford Health & Fitness Gym is finally open for Business. 1-on-1 Sessions are available and also Online Coaching. Equipment Available: Squat Rack Bench Dumbbells Kettlebells Slam Balls And many more. Offering free 30 minute consultation so we can both be comfortable and you can make sure [...]

Gym Officially Open!!2023-01-11T02:30:13+00:00
15 09, 2022

Simple Exercises with Dumbbells


Having Trouble coming together with some exercises to use dumbbells for? Well here you go, give these 4 exercises a go!!

Simple Exercises with Dumbbells2022-09-15T05:35:22+00:00
28 07, 2022

Beginners Fitness Tips


Beginners Fitness Tips for you!! I see so many people thrown in the deep end when it comes to starting their fitness journey so here is some tips to get you into the flow of things to think about. Track Your Progress By tracking your progress I like getting [...]

Beginners Fitness Tips2022-07-28T11:59:41+00:00
8 06, 2022

Major Nutritional Advice


1: Yes you can make a better relationship with your food, you don’t have to fully restrict yourself if your trying to loose weight or putting on muscle. You can still experiment with so many different food types and still have that yummy taste with out starving yourself!! 2: [...]

Major Nutritional Advice2022-06-08T03:54:22+00:00
10 03, 2022

Saturday Fitness Session


Awesome group of people starting off the weekend the right way even if there is water everywhere!

Saturday Fitness Session2022-03-10T00:51:03+00:00


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