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2 02, 2023

Fitness Pyramid


So  many people over complicate how to approach fitness and what is actually important so let's simplify!!!! At the top of the pyramid is rest, so many different studies are based around how much sleep we are supposed to have but from my own experience 6-8 hours of sleep [...]

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31 01, 2023

Home Made Burrito Bowl


HOME MADE BURRITO BOWL Serve 3-4 people Ingredients: 500g Lean Mince/Chicken Breast. 100g Brown Rice/White Rice Cooked. Can Blacked Beans 1-2 Avocado 1-2 Cherry Tomatoes 1 Packet of Taco/Burrito Seasoning 1 Onion Diced Tsp of Oil Optional: Cheese Corn Chips Sour Cream How To Cook: 1- Saucepan on high [...]

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3 10, 2022

Easy Pre-Workout Meals!


Eating a pre-workout meal 30 minutes to 1 hour before your workout fuels your body better than any pre-workout drink. Above is listed two pre-workout meals that will provide you with plenty of healthy nutrients to get you ready to attack your workout. Why do I prefer having a [...]

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14 09, 2022

Difference Between Full Cream Milk and Light Cream Milk


The difference between Full Cream Milk to Light Cream Milk. As a kid I used to have full cream milk all the time and I was having more then one serving. So that ends up adding a whole lot of calories to my diet. Yes having dairy is very [...]

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8 06, 2022

Major Nutritional Advice


1: Yes you can make a better relationship with your food, you don’t have to fully restrict yourself if your trying to loose weight or putting on muscle. You can still experiment with so many different food types and still have that yummy taste with out starving yourself!! 2: [...]

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