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10 01, 2023

2023 Fitness Checklist


2023 Fitness Checklist!!!! I see so many people starting New Year's resolutions and wanting to take their first steps in their fitness journey. And that is so amazing, but..... I want no one to be setting themselves unrealistic goals, start off small and work your way up. I see [...]

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20 09, 2022

Why Focusing on the Scales is Hurting Your Progress!!!


Everyone out there tracking your weight is a great way to track your progress but do not let it overrule the way your feeling at the time. What do I mean by this?  An Example: I weighed myself my starting weight is 88kg, have a strict meal plan and [...]

Why Focusing on the Scales is Hurting Your Progress!!!2022-09-20T05:04:35+00:00
28 07, 2022

Beginners Fitness Tips


Beginners Fitness Tips for you!! I see so many people thrown in the deep end when it comes to starting their fitness journey so here is some tips to get you into the flow of things to think about. Track Your Progress By tracking your progress I like getting [...]

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7 04, 2022

No Excuses!!


The Power of following these few things will level up your training!! It is very easy to make excuses to either skip a session or not to go to the gym or even go for a walk I do it so often!! By combining your focus, motivation and dedication [...]

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