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28 07, 2022

Client Check In @maryanne_kennedy5


Client Check-In @maryanne_kennedy5 After another 2 months of training some crazy progress from maryanne, over the last 2 months our goal has been to put on more muscle without putting fat on and we have achieved just that!!! Maryanne was really worried she hadn’t made any progress and she [...]

Client Check In @maryanne_kennedy52022-07-28T12:06:43+00:00
12 02, 2022

Alex Casey – Before & After


“What you see here is 6 months of hard work and dedication none of which wouldn’t have been achievable without Adam, he helped me build my self confidence in the gym, showed me every exercise individually and personally, pushed my workouts to another level, he checked in on the [...]

Alex Casey – Before & After2022-08-11T00:19:38+00:00


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