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15 09, 2022

Simple Exercises with Dumbbells


Having Trouble coming together with some exercises to use dumbbells for? Well here you go, give these 4 exercises a go!!

Simple Exercises with Dumbbells2022-09-15T05:35:22+00:00
28 07, 2022

Client Check In @maryanne_kennedy5


Client Check-In @maryanne_kennedy5 After another 2 months of training some crazy progress from maryanne, over the last 2 months our goal has been to put on more muscle without putting fat on and we have achieved just that!!! Maryanne was really worried she hadn’t made any progress and she [...]

Client Check In @maryanne_kennedy52022-07-28T12:06:43+00:00
28 07, 2022

Beginners Fitness Tips


Beginners Fitness Tips for you!! I see so many people thrown in the deep end when it comes to starting their fitness journey so here is some tips to get you into the flow of things to think about. Track Your Progress By tracking your progress I like getting [...]

Beginners Fitness Tips2022-07-28T11:59:41+00:00
8 06, 2022

Major Nutritional Advice


1: Yes you can make a better relationship with your food, you don’t have to fully restrict yourself if your trying to loose weight or putting on muscle. You can still experiment with so many different food types and still have that yummy taste with out starving yourself!! 2: [...]

Major Nutritional Advice2022-06-08T03:54:22+00:00
7 04, 2022

No Excuses!!


The Power of following these few things will level up your training!! It is very easy to make excuses to either skip a session or not to go to the gym or even go for a walk I do it so often!! By combining your focus, motivation and dedication [...]

No Excuses!!2022-04-07T02:20:45+00:00
10 03, 2022

Saturday Fitness Session


Awesome group of people starting off the weekend the right way even if there is water everywhere!

Saturday Fitness Session2022-03-10T00:51:03+00:00
12 02, 2022

Alex Casey – Before & After


“What you see here is 6 months of hard work and dedication none of which wouldn’t have been achievable without Adam, he helped me build my self confidence in the gym, showed me every exercise individually and personally, pushed my workouts to another level, he checked in on the [...]

Alex Casey – Before & After2022-08-11T00:19:38+00:00


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